Infectious Hazard Cleaning

The Dangers of Infectious Hazard Cleaning

Certain tools are needed and required for Infectious Hazard Cleaning and removal.  In order to protect themselves from the materials they are handling, protective gear must be worn by the clean up team.  Contaminated tools that can be reused, along with equipment that is disposable by nature, are clearly defined.

Specialized chemicals and containers for proper waste disposal are also  needed to sanitize the environment.

The risk of being infected by the germs in the area are extreme and should not be taken lightly.  Therefore cleanup should not be attempted on your own.

Diseases such as the Flu, including Type A and H1N1, HIV/AIDS, Type A and B Hepatitis, TB, Cholera, and Salmonella are all diseases that can be transmitted from bodily fluids.  These fluids escape into the environment any time a body decomposes, as a result of a person committing suicide, is murdered, or suffers some type of tragic accidental death.

Clean Keepers is licensed and uses required and qualified equipment specially designed for this type of clean up situation.

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