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Suicide Cleanup Fort Myers

Unfortunately, in 2020, an average of 132 Americans died by suicide each day. It was an extremely difficult year for everyone, and we truly feel for the victims of suicide and their families. Because of this high number, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the nation.

After a suicide occurs, family and friends are left stunned, saddened, and traumatized. Through all these emotions, though, there are still logistical and practical steps that need to be taken in order to move forward and preserve your loved one’s memory and the place where they tragically passed. One of the most important next steps is cleaning up the area in which they died.

This cleanup is not meant to be handled by anyone other than professionals like us at Clean Keepers. Not only is it unsafe – as the scene of a suicide is full of dangerous biohazard materials – it’s also traumatizing. The last images of your loved one should not include the aftermath of their tragic passing.

Clean Keepers is here to help you through this painful process. To follow in this article are ways in which we can support you, the necessity of professional cleanup, and the benefits of suicide scenes cleaning services like ours.


Minimizing Trauma

Knowing that a person you loved committed suicide is traumatic enough; cleaning it up is another story. That’s what professionals are here for – to address the cleanup and prevent you from feeling any more pain than what you’re already feeling.

After the unexpected death of a family member, loved ones already have enough on their plates – things like funeral arrangements, police reports, and medical costs, just to name a few. There’s no reason to add cleanup to this long list. It will overwhelm you emotionally and physically.

Suicide cleanup inevitably entails coming into contact with dangerous substances – such as blood and other bodily fluids. Anyone not dressed in the proper PPE will need medical attention upon coming into contact with these substances, and that’s another stressor that you just don’t need.

Our professional crew not only gets the job done, but cares for your family in a compassionate manner while doing so.

Protecting the Space

In many cases, the after-effects of a suicide (occurrences like spilled blood and other bodily matter) will cause stains on carpet, fabric, walls, and/or ceilings. In order to remove these substances, there are specific cleaning procedures that must be put in place that non-professionals are not aware of, or do not have access to the proper chemicals in order to take care of them.

In order for you to properly remember and preserve the memory of your loved one through their space, we can restore it to the way that it had been pre-tragedy. Not only will the look of the room be improved, once we’re finished, it will also be safe for you and other family members to spend time in.

Because of the stain removal, we also make it possible for others – family or otherwise – to move into the space. It will not be stained with bad memories.

Sorting Belongings

In order to make sure that you and your family receive the help that you need, in every area, we provide contact with social services and counselors that can help with the grieving process. Something that can be extremely traumatic with suicide aftermath is the process of making decisions about personal items of the deceased – namely items that have been damaged by the tragedy. Clean Keepers will have a conversation with you about these items, respecting your wishes when it comes to what you want done with them.

Items that you want removed, we will properly dispose of. If there are items that contain sentimental value, we will set those aside for safekeeping. During this process, we will involve you in important decisions – but we won’t ever over-involve you. We understand that it’s a delicate process, and a grieving party can only handle so much at once.

Wearing Proper PPE

Some suicides unfortunately aren’t discovered for several days. Others involve a large quantity of blood and other bodily fluids. Both of these types of suicides transform the room in which it happened into a biohazard that should only be handled by professionals wearing the proper PPE – which we at Clean Keepers always do.

Our PPE protects us from dangers in the air via respirators, and we also wear disposable gloves and goggles in order to make sure that no fluid comes into contact with our team’s skin/bodies.

With each and every cleanup, we have these materials on hand. We always come prepared.

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Removing Damaged Areas

Topical cleaning when it comes to suicide is relatively simple – it involves closing off the area and using strong chemicals that break down bodily fluids while removing stains.

What isn’t so simple is the case in which a body has been lying in one place for a long time and has leaked bodily fluids into the surrounding areas in which it rests. These areas could include floorboards, carpet, furniture, etc.

If this is the case, it’s necessary to detach and remove these contaminated items from the home. Our team has enough strength to complete this job and rid the space of anything that is harmful to its inhabitants.

Professional Suicide Cleanup

Receiving Certification

After our cleanup job is done, we provide you with a certificate of completion that shows that the home is now safe to enter and is live able once again. This certificate should bring you peace of mind regarding the safety of the home, and it’s also a comfort for a future buyer before they purchase the property.

Is Professional Suicide Cleanup Necessary?

We always want to be on the same page as our customers. We understand that communication is difficult during this trying and tragic time, which is why we’re as transparent as possible so you can understand the options of our service and the steps of our process – and we follow the steps of our process, to a T, every single time.

Though the chemicals that we use are strong, they’re also environmentally safe. They’re designed to sterilize the area, allowing us to return the home to the state that you’re familiar with.

All of this said, this is a job that’s meant for professionals. It’s not a task that’s meant for grieving family and/or friends – there’s no reason to add the trauma of cleaning up the scene onto the trauma that you’ve already experienced in the aftermath of a loved one’s suicide.

Benefits of Using a Professional Suicide Cleanup Service

  • Discreetness.
    • Suicide house clean-ups are not necessarily subtle endeavors, but the team at Clean Keepers understands the art of subtlety. We block/seal off specific areas and understand that your family’s privacy is more important now than ever. We know how to complete a job without attracting unwanted attention. Your family’s home will not be made into a spectacle.
  • It lessens the trauma.
    • As we’ve stated before, the occurrence of the suicide of a loved one is traumatic enough. Even if you can remove yourself emotionally from the task at hand, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to wipe clean the image of your loved one’s last resting place. Leave that for us to handle so your final image of them can be a pleasant one.
  • It allows you to start to heal.
    • The grief process is a long one, and it’s almost never linear. But with Clean Keepers on your side, you will not have to wait around for the tragic scene to be cleaned up, and this will allow you to begin healing sooner rather than later. We’re on call 24/7, because we understand that emergencies don’t just stop after business hours are over.
  • It keeps you protected.
    • Clean Keepers is not only worried about protecting your mental state, we’re concerned about protecting you from harmful pathogens as well. By coming into contact with human bodily fluids, it’s possible for you to contract infectious diseases – and that’s the last thing that we want. Which is why it’s best for us to handle the cleaning after a suicide.

Final Thoughts

The event of a suicide, each and every time, is tragic. And each event is different. This is something that Clean Keepers understands on an intrinsic level, which is why we treat every one of our clients with a high degree of compassion and care. If you are in need of our suicide cleanup services, give us a call today.

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