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Gross Filth Cleanup Services

At Clean Keepers, we understand gross filth cleanup, and we know that not all homes occupied by people suffering from the hoarding condition are full of gross filth. “Gross filth”, “hoarders”, and “clutter cleaning” are terms common in our field, and we use these terms in our descriptions of hoarding clutter cleaning services in order for hoarders and their loved ones to find the information and help they need.

Gross filth can be found in homes where hoarders have lost control. Many times trash, garbage, blood, urine, feces, and vomit are common in a hoarder’s home. In more serious cases, dead rodents, insects and even owners’ pets have been found during a gross filth cleanup project.

Gross filth cleanup consists of more than you would think. Included is clutter related to paperwork, trash, old magazines and newspapers. And it doesn’t stop there. Clothing, rotting food, human/animal waste, rodents, roaches or even mold should also not be forgotten.

Hoarding at a hazardous level is not only dangerous to the occupant of the household, but to others who enter the home – such as firemen, policemen, or medical professionals. Rodents, cockroaches, rotting food, and human/animal waste carry a multitude of diseases that have the potential to cause sickness or in the worst case, death. 

There is also a huge risk for cross contamination when occupants touch hazardous materials in their home and neglect to wash their hands. Many times, occupants will complain of being ill, which ends up being due to their unsanitary living conditions.

It is important to hire professionals like Clean Keepers, who are experienced in biohazard cleaning as well as sanitizing facilities to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria to inhabitants. 

At Clean Keepers, it is our responsibility to get your home or business back to a healthy and sanitary condition – and we do this as quickly and efficiently as we can. 

When you need a gross filth cleanup, it’s important to hire a company who will use the correct cleaning procedures and products while still maintaining a level of humanity with occupants of the space. That’s why Clean Keepers is always the correct choice. 

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