The Cost of the Hoard

hoarder cleanup costs

Hoarding is a serious issue that affects over 1.4 million people in the United States. It’s not about being an avid collector; compulsive hoarding is defined as “a behavioral pattern characterized by excessive acquisition of and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment.”

Hoarding disrupts people’s lives in a big way. Not only the lives of the hoarders themselves, but the lives of their families as well. When a house becomes overtaken by a hoard, in many cases, the hoarder themselves can’t easily move around and will become injured by their own hoard. Because of the dangerous and unclean nature of their home, their family stops visiting and the hoarder becomes isolated from the world.

This is no way for anyone to live, but it’s a sad reality for many Americans. It’s not so easy as simply throwing these items away, though. Many compulsive hoarders can see the consequences of their illness, but are powerless to stop it. More often than not, professional mental help is needed – and there’s no shame in receiving such help.

The cost of the hoard is more than just monetary, but Clean Keepers can help when it comes to hoarder cleanup, no matter the type of hoard. We specialize in:

  • Shopping hoarding
  • Food hoarding
  • Garbage and trash hoarding
  • Animal hoarding
  • Paper hoarding
  • Collector hoarding
  • Sentimental hoarding

There’s no such thing as the point of no return when it comes to a hoarder’s house cleanup. No matter how big the job, Clean Keepers are up for it. We’ve seen it all when it comes to hoarding, so if embarrassment is what you or your family member is worried about, you can put that out of your mind. When we come to restore a hoarder’s house back to its original state, there is no judgment involved.

Our hoarder cleaning varies in prices, but it’s important to note that the higher the risk of bodily harm that the hoarder is in, the higher the price will be. We must take into account the size of the property, the amount of hoard that needs to be removed, level of client involvement, supplies, PPE, methods of disposal, and time. Oftentimes, we charge $.75 – $2 per square foot of hoard, depending on the severity of cleaning that is called for.

Your safety is our number-one priority. Take the shame out of hoarder cleanup and give Clean Keepers a call for a free quote today.