Things You Should Know About an Unattended Death

unattended death cleanup

At Clean Keepers, restoring the area where an unattended death took place is one of our many areas of expertise. An unattended death may have occurred for a number of reasons – suicide, the aftermeath of a crime scene, or natural causes.

It’s difficult to deal with the death of a loved one, but coming across an unattended death can be traumatizing. In this article, we’ll share what you need to know about unattended death and how to deal with the process.

What to Know About Unattended Death

This guide will lead you through the steps of what to do upon discovering an unattended death.

  • First, contact your local authorities.
    You must contact your local authorities even if you’re sure the death occurred due to natural causes.
  • Arrange transportation
    If the death is not ruled as a crime and there is no further investigation needed, you’ll need to make arrangements to transport the body. It’s smart to have preconceived preferences for funeral homes or crematoriums.
  • Reach out to your loved one’s circle.
    Reach out to family, friends, church members, and other relevant members of the community to let them know of the passing, and to get help in shouldering the grief.
  • Contact Clean Keepers.
    As the best biohazard cleaning company in Fort Myers, Clean Keepers knows how to handle unattended death cleanup. It’s not a job that someone who is untrained should ever try to handle on their own. This is because it can be traumatizing, and also because a decomposing body acts as a hub for dangerous bacteria. We will restore the property back to its original condition so you can hold onto the good memories, not the bad.
  • Steel yourself.
    Depending on the matter of your loved one’s death, the scene of the unattended death can be disturbing. Even if there was no violence involved, the decomposition process can be shocking to view. Treat the property with extreme caution.
  • Ask for insurance help.
    Many homeowners policies cover unattended death cleanup. We’d be glad to help you figure out the related paperwork, as it can be overwhelming.

Leave It To Clean Keepers

It’s wise to keep these tips in the back of your mind should you ever come across an unattended death, as having these tools can help you get through a stressful situation.

Clean Keepers is here to help whenever you need us, day or night. Just call (239) 368-1219, and we’ll use our services to get you through tough times.