The Serious Nature of Blood Spill Cleanup

blood spill cleanup

Cleaning blood goes deeper than simply soaking up the stain with a rag and going about your day. Whether the blood spill happened from an accident or a crime scene, there are specific protocols that must be carried out when cleaning it because bloodborne illnesses are not something you want to mess with.

Hepatitis B, one of those bloodborne illnesses, can live on surfaces for up to a week – and it’s 100 times more infectious than HIV/AIDS. In order to protect yourself from these types of pathogens, it is important to properly clean up a blood spill.

Bloodborne Illnesses

As previously mentioned, hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS are two of the main bloodborne pathogens. They aren’t the only dangerous diseases, though. Other bloodborne illnesses include:

Someone can contract a bloodborne illness by coming into direct contact with blood present at a blood spill (or other bodily fluids that contain bloodborne pathogens like saliva, semen, or vaginal fluids).

Blood Spill Cleanup

Blood spill cleanup requires special precautions taken in order to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens. Clean Keepers utilizes the proper cleaning products and equipment needed to disinfect the scene and make it inhabitable once again.

With each and every blood spill cleanup, the team of professionals at Clean Keepers don the correct PPE and use chemicals meant for containment, disinfection, and decontamination.

Our team of experts is highly trained in handling blood spills; we wash our hands (and any other affected body parts) before and after cleaning a spill. Though we wear proper PPE, you can never be too safe when it comes to blood cleanup.

The Basic Procedure

Clean Keepers has a procedure that we stick to every time we encounter a blood spill to make sure that the area is disinfected and sanitized properly.

The procedure:

  • Containment/removal of hazardous materials
  • Use disposable cloths to soak up blood
  • Place contaminated items in a biohazard bag
  • Disinfect the area
  • Sanitize the area with approved chemicals to remove pathogens

The Clean Keepers team understands the ins and outs of blood spill cleanup – many chemicals need time to soak into the stain, and after the soaking period, we begin scrubbing from the outside and work towards the center.

Clean Keepers and Blood Spills

We serve the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast with pride and integrity, giving 110% with every job that we do. Blood spill cleanup is one of the many areas that we specialize in, and it’s a job that must be left to professionals like us.

Proper blood spill cleanup is necessary to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful bloodborne pathogens. Our customers’ safety is our number-one priority, so give Clean Keepers a call if you need help with a blood spill – large or small.