The Health Risks of Handling Blood Cleanup Without Professionals

Blood Cleanup risks

Blood cleanup is not your everyday chore — and it’s certainly not a task that should be taken lightly. Attempting DIY blood cleanup is not only dangerous for you but also for everyone else who uses the compromised area. In this article, we’re going to break down the reasons why you’re better off leaving blood cleanup to a biohazard cleaning professional.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Blood Cleanup

Attempting to clean up blood without the proper training and equipment can pose severe risks to health and safety. Here are three of the main reasons that you should never attempt to clean up blood on your own:

1. Lack of Proper Protective Equipment

One of the most important reasons to avoid DIY blood cleanup is that blood can carry many kinds of harmful pathogens such as HIV or hepatitis. Without the appropriate protective gear, you risk direct exposure to pathogens like these. Gloves and a mask aren’t necessarily enough; professional personal protective equipment (PPE) is often required for safe blood cleanup.

2. Incomplete Cleaning

Another reason that blood cleanup should be left to the professionals is that blood stains can be very difficult to completely remove. Often, the stain that’s visible to the naked eye is only the tip of the iceberg — blood can easily seep deeply into porous surfaces, making it nearly impossible to clean without specialized equipment. Failing to completely remove all traces of blood can lead to long-term health risks for everyone who uses the space.

3. Ineffective Disinfecting

When it comes to blood cleanup, disinfecting is just as crucial as cleaning. Just because you’ve removed all visible traces of blood with basic cleaning supplies does not mean all lingering pathogens have been eliminated. It’s essential to thoroughly sanitize the area using high-quality disinfecting agents that are capable of eradicating bloodborne pathogens. These types of hospital-grade cleaners may not be easily available to you, but a professional biohazard cleaning crew will come equipped with all the necessary disinfecting supplies.

Professional Biohazard Cleaning: How to Clean up Blood Safely

The safest and quickest approach to blood cleanup is always to enlist the help of an expert in biohazard cleaning. Biohazard cleanup professionals have the appropriate training, experience, PPE, and cleaning supplies to handle blood cleanup effectively while also minimizing health risks. Whether you need help cleaning up blood or another kind of hazardous material in the Fort Myers area, Clean Keepers is here to help.