Southwest Florida Workplace Deaths Are Hard For Everyone

Southwest Florida Workplace Deaths

The boom in southwest Florida economy in addition to increasing the number of jobs, it has led to an immense amount of risks. Deaths of workers are the primary type of risk that is fatal among the industries. Many people lose their lives each year. More of the reported deaths occur in the construction industries because of common construction accidents. Some of the main dangers in the construction industry that has led to an increased number of deaths include:

  • Heights and falls
    Most construction works involves people working at heights. Most of the height-related work in construction accounts for quite a good number of southwest Florida workplace deaths.
  • Slips and trips
    Slips and trips are quite common in the construction industries. Apart from heights in the workplace, slippery and uneven surfaces, obstacles, trailing cables, and holes are all over the construction sites leading to trips and slips almost daily. The slides and trips cause injuries, dislocation of joints, fractured bones and even deaths in construction sites.
  • Moving objects
    Moving objects occupy construction sites all the time. Relocating materials from one place to another, lifting materials to the heights where people are working or dumping loads are some of the work done using moving objects. Lack of controls to limit moving objects leads to deaths of workers in the site.
  • Collapses
    Serious injuries and fatalities occur from collapsing excavations and trenches in southwest Florida. The number of unintended breakdowns includes partially completed buildings, scaffoldings, and demolitions sites. If there are no established precautions before the work starts, the collapses lead to deaths overworks.
  • Electrocutions
    Statistics show that each year at least three workers get power electrocutions in construction industries when doing refurbishment on domestic or commercial buildings. Unqualified workers who work as electricians increase the risks of electrocutions. Deaths due to electrocutions occur mostly due non-use of non-conducting materials around the power lines.
  • Heat
    Heat-related injuries like heat exhaustion and heat strokes are among the principal causes of death in the construction industries. Being the most prevalent, the temperature is a significant hazard that has increased the number of worker’s death in the construction industries.

The above dangers of the construction industries lead to the death of workers now and then. Coping with the end of a co-worker is very difficult for the other workers in the industry especially when the death is sudden and unexpected. The anxiety and the guilt that comes in when the death occurs in the workplace is unpleasant. The thought of the diseased person makes it worse and focusing on the work may be difficult for a while.

The impact of someone’s death can lead to confusion and lack of concentration that is very dangerous and can result in safety hazards to people operating equipment. During such moments, workers should not do anything to clear the biohazards as they may expose themselves to extreme risks while trying to clean themselves. It is vital to call a company like clean keepers to clear everything up after the accident has occurred.

Clean keepers have good knowledge of the problems odor, biohazards, and structural damages can cause if not cleaned up properly. Additionally, the professional team is essential for safe removal of all contaminants in the area where death has occurred leaving the property safe and conducive for working again. The specialists should, therefore, do the entire cleaning job.

Wrapping it up
Coping with the increased Deaths of workers in the construction industry is not easy. While dealing with the psychological and emotional impact of a co-worker’s death, it is crucial to call clean keepers experts to clean up the place, remove all the contaminants and make the environment conducive for working again. Find out more about clean keepers and enjoy their cleaning services.