Cleaning Up After A Hoarder: How To Deal With The Gross Filth

Cleaning Up After A Hoarder

It is normal for everyone to have a little clutter of the things they have collected over the years inside the house. A messy closet, a junk full of cables, and an attic with sentimental stuff from childhood. Hoarders, however, are in a different league altogether because their clutter and possessions are accumulated to such a point that they take over a person’s home and life in general. Hoarding, which often spirals to living surrounded by gross filth, is a serious psychological disorder that is known to ruin the person’s life and the lives of those with whom they live.

Luckily, there is a simple and guaranteed way to deal with this problem. First though, let us get to know the risks that hoarding pose.
Health Risks associated with hoarding
Cleaning Up After A HoarderMost chronic hoarders face constant challenges including financial difficulties, problems with family and friends, and a range of health hazard to themselves and others. Some of the common most serious health risks include:

Air quality problems and resulting complications: Dust, bad odors, and ammonia generated by decaying elements are often microscopic but they can cause serious health problems to the people and animals living in the hoarder’s home. The top reason to be concerned about hoarding is the respiratory problems it causes to humans and animals, most of which the damages are only noticeable over time.

Mildew, fungus, and mold: Hoarders do not just have a problem getting rid of personal possessions, they typically do not throw away left-over foods, even after they go bad. They do not dry wet clothing and may never clean up the refrigerator or the shelves. This is fertile environment for microscopic mildew, fungus, and mold that will not only make a house stink but also pose serious health hazards.

Rodents, insects, and pests: A hoarder’s situation gets worse if there are animals in the mix. Rodents, insects, and all kinds of parasites thrive in environments where there is rot, waste, and little disturbance. People get sick and even die from diseases and health complications brought about by cockroaches, flies, rodents, and other insects. The only effective way to eradicate pest infestation is to clean up the gross filth and tidy up the hoarder’s home.
The right way to clean up after hoarder
If you, a friend, or someone you love is trapped by the hoarding baggage, take this as a problem that needs professional assistance, just like most other psychological problems. The best way to clean up after a hoarder is to hire a professional cleaning company because there always is more than meets the eye when you enter a hoarder’s home.

First off, a professional cleaning company understands the problems hoarders face and cleanup will focus on life restoration rather than ‘getting rid of the junk’. This means they will use the right tact to avoid making the hoarder feel more isolated, embarrassed, or stressed because of the filth they chose to live with.

More importantly, a professional cleaning company will assess the hoarder’s home, and based on the junk, will know which pests and parasites may live there and which chemicals to use to eradicate them. This is largely because such an environment is already toxic and requires special clothing and equipment to safely and effectively clean it up.

A full cleaning service will typically involve removal and disposal of the hoarded items and restoring the living space to a clean and healthy environment. The right company should have a cleanup team that is capable to restore the filthiest home to a sparkle within a few hours.