Call In A Professional Biohazard Cleanup Team

Understanding the Importance of Professional Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard cleanup is a critical aspect of public health and safety that often goes unnoticed until a crisis arises. When biohazardous materials, such as blood, bodily fluids, or hazardous chemicals, are present in a living or working environment, they pose serious health risks to individuals. In this article, we will explore the importance of professional biohazard cleanup and why it should be entrusted to trained experts.

Biohazard cleaning service

What Are Biohazards?

Biohazards are substances that contain potentially harmful agents, including bacteria, viruses, toxins, and other microorganisms that can pose a threat to human health. Common sources of biohazards include:

  1. Blood and bodily fluids
  2. Medical waste
  3. Sewage backups
  4. Animal waste
  5. Mold and fungi
  6. Hazardous chemicals

These biohazards can be found in various settings, such as hospitals, crime scenes, drug labs, or even in your own home in the case of a sewage backup or mold infestation. It is essential to recognize the dangers they present and understand the significance of professional biohazard cleanup.

Why Professional Biohazard Cleanup Matters

1. Health and Safety

The foremost reason to hire professionals for biohazard cleanup is the protection of health and safety. Exposure to biohazards can lead to severe illnesses, infections, and long-term health issues. Trained biohazard cleanup experts understand the proper protocols and safety measures required to handle these materials safely, minimizing the risk to themselves and others.

2. Compliance with Regulations

Biohazard cleanup is subject to strict regulations, which vary from one jurisdiction to another. Professionals are well-versed in local, state, and federal laws governing the disposal of biohazardous materials and ensuring that all regulations are met during the cleanup process. Failing to comply with these regulations can lead to legal consequences and fines.

3. Preventing Cross-Contamination

Professionals in biohazard cleanup use specialized equipment and techniques to prevent cross-contamination. They isolate the affected area, use personal protective equipment, and employ advanced cleaning methods to ensure that pathogens and hazardous materials are contained and eliminated, reducing the risk of spreading the biohazard.

4. Reducing Emotional Stress

Biohazard situations are often emotionally distressing, especially when they involve a crime scene, accident, or the loss of a loved one. Professional biohazard cleanup teams are not only equipped to handle the physical aspects but also have the training to approach these situations with compassion and respect for the emotional toll they take on individuals involved.

5. Thorough Cleanup

Professional biohazard cleanup is thorough and comprehensive. They not only clean visible contaminants but also perform testing and inspection to ensure that the area is completely free from biohazards. This level of detail is challenging for untrained individuals to achieve, and incomplete cleanup can lead to lingering health risks.

6. Restoration of Property

In many biohazard situations, the affected property may need extensive cleaning and restoration. Professional cleanup teams can handle everything from the removal of biohazards to repair and restoration of the property, ensuring it is safe and habitable once again.


The importance of professional biohazard cleanup cannot be overstated. It is not just a matter of convenience but a crucial step in safeguarding public health and safety. The best way to ensure the cleaning process is completed safely and efficiently is to contact a reputable biohazard cleaning service. At Clean Keepers, our trained biohazard cleanup technicians are here to help with all your cleanup needs in Fort Myers and the larger Southwest Florida area.


Fentanyl clean up services

How to Clean Up After Fentanyl Exposure?

Unfortunately, fentanyl is a serious problem in the United States. For that reason, Clean Keepers believes it’s important that our customers understand how to clean up fentanyl should they come into contact with the drug.

Before reading this article, keep in mind that the health risk is minimal if you discover fentanyl after entering an area – but law enforcement should always be called so they can dispose of the drugs properly. Once that happens, they can assess the area for safety.

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl and other drugs like fentanyl, called carfentanil and alfentanil, are pain-reducing drugs. Other drugs that you might be familiar with in this category include morphine, heroin, and oxycodone.

Fentanyl is 100 times more powerful than morphine. Because of its strength, people may be concerned about experiencing effects by just coming into contact with it, and it’s always wise to practice the right fentanyl cleanup protocol.

Types of Fentanyl Exposures and What to Do

Skin Exposure:

  • Don’t touch anything you believe to be fentanyl with your bare hands.
  • Wear gloves if the substance must be handled.
  • If skin comes into contact with the substance, brush it off and wash the area with soap and water.
  • Avoid alcohol-based cleaners, because alcohol increases absorption through the skin.

Eye Exposure:

  • Prevent the substance from splashing into your eyes by wearing a face shield or another kind of protection, like a mask.
  • Wash eyes out with water and contact poison control.

Hard Surface/Carpet Exposure:

  • If you suspect airborne fentanyl, do not enter the area until it has been adequately ventilated. This usually takes about 24 hours.
  • Don’t use a fan, vacuum, or disturb the area right away. This encourages fentanyl to become airborne.
  • If there is a visible amount of fentanyl, call Clean Keepers. Only the professionals should handle this type of situation.
  • If you suspect fentanyl contamination, wear goggles, an N-95 mask, nitrile gloves, and use a HEPA-filtered vacuum (after 24 hours).
  • Wash hard surfaces with substances like Mr. Clean, Simple Green, Pine-sol, or something of the like. Change the water on a regular basis to prevent widespread contamination.
  • Rinse the surfaces after you wash them.

Staying Safe With Fentanyl Cleanup

The most important factor during a confirmed or suspected fentanyl exposure is your safety. If you are concerned about a contaminated area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals at Clean Keepers. We are here for you.

unattended death cleanup

Things You Should Know About an Unattended Death

At Clean Keepers, restoring the area where an unattended death took place is one of our many areas of expertise. An unattended death may have occurred for a number of reasons – suicide, the aftermeath of a crime scene, or natural causes.

It’s difficult to deal with the death of a loved one, but coming across an unattended death can be traumatizing. In this article, we’ll share what you need to know about unattended death and how to deal with the process.

What to Know About Unattended Death

This guide will lead you through the steps of what to do upon discovering an unattended death.

  • First, contact your local authorities.
    You must contact your local authorities even if you’re sure the death occurred due to natural causes.
  • Arrange transportation
    If the death is not ruled as a crime and there is no further investigation needed, you’ll need to make arrangements to transport the body. It’s smart to have preconceived preferences for funeral homes or crematoriums.
  • Reach out to your loved one’s circle.
    Reach out to family, friends, church members, and other relevant members of the community to let them know of the passing, and to get help in shouldering the grief.
  • Contact Clean Keepers.
    As the best biohazard cleaning company in Fort Myers, Clean Keepers knows how to handle unattended death cleanup. It’s not a job that someone who is untrained should ever try to handle on their own. This is because it can be traumatizing, and also because a decomposing body acts as a hub for dangerous bacteria. We will restore the property back to its original condition so you can hold onto the good memories, not the bad.
  • Steel yourself.
    Depending on the matter of your loved one’s death, the scene of the unattended death can be disturbing. Even if there was no violence involved, the decomposition process can be shocking to view. Treat the property with extreme caution.
  • Ask for insurance help.
    Many homeowners policies cover unattended death cleanup. We’d be glad to help you figure out the related paperwork, as it can be overwhelming.

Leave It To Clean Keepers

It’s wise to keep these tips in the back of your mind should you ever come across an unattended death, as having these tools can help you get through a stressful situation.

Clean Keepers is here to help whenever you need us, day or night. Just call (239) 368-1219, and we’ll use our services to get you through tough times.

blood spill cleanup

The Serious Nature of Blood Spill Cleanup

Cleaning blood goes deeper than simply soaking up the stain with a rag and going about your day. Whether the blood spill happened from an accident or a crime scene, there are specific protocols that must be carried out when cleaning it because bloodborne illnesses are not something you want to mess with.

Hepatitis B, one of those bloodborne illnesses, can live on surfaces for up to a week – and it’s 100 times more infectious than HIV/AIDS. In order to protect yourself from these types of pathogens, it is important to properly clean up a blood spill.

Bloodborne Illnesses

As previously mentioned, hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS are two of the main bloodborne pathogens. They aren’t the only dangerous diseases, though. Other bloodborne illnesses include:

Someone can contract a bloodborne illness by coming into direct contact with blood present at a blood spill (or other bodily fluids that contain bloodborne pathogens like saliva, semen, or vaginal fluids).

Blood Spill Cleanup

Blood spill cleanup requires special precautions taken in order to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens. Clean Keepers utilizes the proper cleaning products and equipment needed to disinfect the scene and make it inhabitable once again.

With each and every blood spill cleanup, the team of professionals at Clean Keepers don the correct PPE and use chemicals meant for containment, disinfection, and decontamination.

Our team of experts is highly trained in handling blood spills; we wash our hands (and any other affected body parts) before and after cleaning a spill. Though we wear proper PPE, you can never be too safe when it comes to blood cleanup.

The Basic Procedure

Clean Keepers has a procedure that we stick to every time we encounter a blood spill to make sure that the area is disinfected and sanitized properly.

The procedure:

  • Containment/removal of hazardous materials
  • Use disposable cloths to soak up blood
  • Place contaminated items in a biohazard bag
  • Disinfect the area
  • Sanitize the area with approved chemicals to remove pathogens

The Clean Keepers team understands the ins and outs of blood spill cleanup – many chemicals need time to soak into the stain, and after the soaking period, we begin scrubbing from the outside and work towards the center.

Clean Keepers and Blood Spills

We serve the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast with pride and integrity, giving 110% with every job that we do. Blood spill cleanup is one of the many areas that we specialize in, and it’s a job that must be left to professionals like us.

Proper blood spill cleanup is necessary to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful bloodborne pathogens. Our customers’ safety is our number-one priority, so give Clean Keepers a call if you need help with a blood spill – large or small.

Cleaning Up From Hoarding

Starting Fresh In 2019: Cleaning Up From Hoarding

If you have always thought of hoarding just as a choice of lifestyle, then you have been wrong all along. Hoarding is a psychological disorder which makes getting rid of personal stuff, property, or anything a challenge, buying too much, and even misplacing valuables because space is overly cluttered. Hoarding may get out of control and make the victims home no longer efficient and even worse become a health hazard. Helping someone with hoarding tendencies to clean up and organize their homes may prove a challenge especially if you are not aware of the hoarding disorder. One is required to first seek professional help from mental health experts and afterwards employ the services of professional cleaners.
Probable Dangers Linked To Hoarding

  • Risk of Fire hazards
  • Increased indoor pollution
  • Less escape routes for rescue teams
  • Tripping and falling
  • Biohazard Development

Organization and Clutter Removal
Cleaning Up From HoardingIf you are in Southwest Florida, visit our certified hoarding cleanup consultants who will take you through the process of cleaning up from hoarding. We will go through your house with your help to determine what is worth keeping and what is not, those items that are of value to you will be organized and categorized properly. We ensure the entire cleaning up from hoarding process is done as you would wish every step of the way. We are meant to ensure your safety and that of your home environment, we also professionally sanitize your home so you get to have a completely healthful start. Cleaning up from hoarding in a residential home is a service which requires special skills to achieve the intended result.
Helping a Hoarder Clean Up
Managing an individual with hoarding problems may be emotionally draining, especially when they do not accept, they have a problem. Employing the services of an expert may be beneficial to you, here are the steps a hoarding professional will use in cleaning up hoarding;

  • Talk About Cleaning and Organizing

It is important to include a mental health professional before cleaning up from hoarding. This is because they will take you through conversations involving the benefits of organizing your home and getting rid of the surplus items present. A professional will know exactly what to say to convince you to accept employing the services of professional cleaners.

  • Evaluate the area and create a cleaning strategy.

Since victims of hoarding are usually unable to differentiate between valuable items and those which are worthless, a cleaning expert will help assess the situation and make the victim see the need to get rid of some items. Employing an expert in cleaning up from hoarding is necessary because they have the knowledge and equipment to manage dangerous or hazardous possibility that come because of hoarding. We as experts will develop a cleaning plan and a strategy to help put your property in order and well cluttered.

  • Develop a Strategy for Waste Removal

When cleaning a hoarder’s home, you are likely to throw a lot of waste therefore, a waste removal strategy is expected. Professionals recommend renting dumpsters to use and have it removed once the cleanup is done. In cases where there are dangerous materials in a pile of items or you notice a foul smell from the pile, ensure you seek help from cleaning services available for they have necessary equipment for such situations. Hazardous occurrences however require handling by specialists.

  • Organizing the House

A cleaning professional will move room by room clutter and organize items while arranging valuables and putting aside the items to get rid of. Once the home is clutter free, it will be carefully cleaned and sanitized. The expert in charge will also examine the state of the house to see if it requires repairs which are to be catered for.

For more information on these and more, contact

Southwest Florida Workplace Deaths

Southwest Florida Workplace Deaths Are Hard For Everyone

The boom in southwest Florida economy in addition to increasing the number of jobs, it has led to an immense amount of risks. Deaths of workers are the primary type of risk that is fatal among the industries. Many people lose their lives each year. More of the reported deaths occur in the construction industries because of common construction accidents. Some of the main dangers in the construction industry that has led to an increased number of deaths include:

  • Heights and falls
    Most construction works involves people working at heights. Most of the height-related work in construction accounts for quite a good number of southwest Florida workplace deaths.
  • Slips and trips
    Slips and trips are quite common in the construction industries. Apart from heights in the workplace, slippery and uneven surfaces, obstacles, trailing cables, and holes are all over the construction sites leading to trips and slips almost daily. The slides and trips cause injuries, dislocation of joints, fractured bones and even deaths in construction sites.
  • Moving objects
    Moving objects occupy construction sites all the time. Relocating materials from one place to another, lifting materials to the heights where people are working or dumping loads are some of the work done using moving objects. Lack of controls to limit moving objects leads to deaths of workers in the site.
  • Collapses
    Serious injuries and fatalities occur from collapsing excavations and trenches in southwest Florida. The number of unintended breakdowns includes partially completed buildings, scaffoldings, and demolitions sites. If there are no established precautions before the work starts, the collapses lead to deaths overworks.
  • Electrocutions
    Statistics show that each year at least three workers get power electrocutions in construction industries when doing refurbishment on domestic or commercial buildings. Unqualified workers who work as electricians increase the risks of electrocutions. Deaths due to electrocutions occur mostly due non-use of non-conducting materials around the power lines.
  • Heat
    Heat-related injuries like heat exhaustion and heat strokes are among the principal causes of death in the construction industries. Being the most prevalent, the temperature is a significant hazard that has increased the number of worker’s death in the construction industries.

The above dangers of the construction industries lead to the death of workers now and then. Coping with the end of a co-worker is very difficult for the other workers in the industry especially when the death is sudden and unexpected. The anxiety and the guilt that comes in when the death occurs in the workplace is unpleasant. The thought of the diseased person makes it worse and focusing on the work may be difficult for a while.

The impact of someone’s death can lead to confusion and lack of concentration that is very dangerous and can result in safety hazards to people operating equipment. During such moments, workers should not do anything to clear the biohazards as they may expose themselves to extreme risks while trying to clean themselves. It is vital to call a company like clean keepers to clear everything up after the accident has occurred.

Clean keepers have good knowledge of the problems odor, biohazards, and structural damages can cause if not cleaned up properly. Additionally, the professional team is essential for safe removal of all contaminants in the area where death has occurred leaving the property safe and conducive for working again. The specialists should, therefore, do the entire cleaning job.

Wrapping it up
Coping with the increased Deaths of workers in the construction industry is not easy. While dealing with the psychological and emotional impact of a co-worker’s death, it is crucial to call clean keepers experts to clean up the place, remove all the contaminants and make the environment conducive for working again. Find out more about clean keepers and enjoy their cleaning services.

Biohazard Mattress Disposal

Biohazard Mattress Disposal. What You Need To Know

The mere stain of coffee or a drink on your mattress can be the most difficult thing to get rid of. It is more difficult to clean up blood stains, body fluids or fecal matter on the mattress that may be a result of a crime or disease. By design, mattresses are the hardest things to clean up. This is why it is important to have a biohazard clean up company on call that will help you out in such a situation.
Proper Biohazard Mattress Disposal
Biohazard Mattress DisposalMattresses that have been in contact with body fluids cannot be easily dismissed as regular waste. This is because the mattress may contain biohazard material that may be harmful to humans. Being in contact with fluids that were contaminated can cause diseases to the person who comes into contact with it. If the mattress stays unattended for a long time, it may have airborne diseases drawn from the toxins that the mattress has. This is why it is not advisable to air out the mattress for purposes of drying it out.

In most cases, these situations occur amidst trauma. It would be difficult for the affected individuals to give out the mattress as normal garbage to the garbage collectors. If the workers get into contact with the biohazard, their health may be at risk. If you decide to hide or keep the mattress in your house it is likely to have a pungent smell coupled with bugs and other insects. These bugs may not only be on the mattress but also on other parts of the bed that came into contact with the fluids. This poses a huge risk to your health and those living in your house and around it.
Don’t Just Put It On The Curb
To safely dispose such a mattress, you do not have to go through the process of cleaning it up alone. Companies like Clean Keepers have a team of professional cleaners trained to handle biohazard mattress disposal. The team will not only dispose the mattress but also disinfect the areas that were in contact with it. The cleaners will cut off the contaminated part of the mattress and put it in a biohazard disposable bag. This will then be sent to a place that disposes of biohazard material which in most cases is by incineration. The remaining part of the mattress can then be disposed of as regular waste. The cleaners will also use certified disinfectants to clean up the room and ensure you live in a safe environment.

You can also contact clean keepers to clean up a spill of biohazard chemicals. Trying to clean the surface yourself can expose you to infections that will be harmful to your health. Let the professionals handle it.

Clean Keepers also provide cleaning services for the filth that accumulates after hoarding items. If you decide to get rid of the junk in the basement or garage, they can come in to help. You can also call them up to clean up a crime scene or professionally disinfect your house.

Call In A Professional Biohazard Cleanup Team

When You Should Call In A Professional Biohazard Cleanup Team

Bio-hazard clean-up is not an easy task. It should never be done by someone who is not trained. A bucket, cleaning products, and a mob are simply not enough to clean-up bio-hazard. Even though the area may look clean, you can never be sure that all bio-hazards are removed. Moreover, untrained persons may be exposing themselves to unnecessary and extreme risks when trying to clean bio-hazard themselves.

Call In A Professional Biohazard Cleanup TeamThere are plenty of unfortunate events that can threaten a safe living in your home. Among these tragic events are unattended deaths, crime and traumatic scenes, sewer backing up in your home, homicides among others. Professional clean-up and restoration assistance is crucial for safe removal of all the contaminants in such areas and help you and your family to make home or property safe and livable again.

Clean Keepers understands those remaining bio-hazards, odor, and structural damages that can cause more problems if not cleaned up properly. Clean Keepers specializes in remediating these biohazards, and our services are available 24/7 whenever you need a professional bio-hazard clean-up team.
Reasons to Consider Hiring a Professional Biohazard Clean-up Team
For Better Results
Professional Biohazard Clean-up is called professional for a good reason. When you enlist the services of a well-equipped, trained, and experienced biohazard clean-up team, you can expect nothing short of efficient and effective services that give you optimal results. To offer untrained person such a job, you are more often than not going to left with less satisfying results, and you may be forced to hire a trained team- ending up spending more money and time. Consider calling a professional biohazard cleaning firm when you are in need of a professional services for your home or property.
It Can Turn to be Extremely Dangerous if Not Done Correctly
Crime scenes and other out of the ordinary bio scene events are things that people don’t usually plan for. When they happen, they can leave traces of incredibly dangerous contaminants, which when inhaled, get in contact with the skin, or ingested can lead to severe health problems. For the sake of the safety of the current and the future occupants of the home or property, hiring a professional biohazard crew to properly clean, eliminate pathogens, and dispose of damaged materials is the best option. A trained and experienced team uses specially formulated cleaners and advanced equipment to properly remove all the contaminants and restore the site to safety.
It’s Never an Easy Task
Getting your home or property back to a livable and safe state is not an easy job especially if traumatic activities such crime took place. You will probably drive yourself crazy while trying to get your property back into the condition it was. Clean Keepers have many years of experience in getting back everything into their perfect state. Visit our website and learn more about our areas of expertise. If you need a team of experts to restore everything just the way it was pre-crime seamlessly, you should definitely give us a call.
For Peace of Mind
People may be struggling with many trying emotions when someone tried to took his or her own life or crime took place at their property. In such moments, dealing with the cleanup tasks may worsen the situation. Hiring a professional clean-up team to handle the job may save you from having to deal with the aftermath of a disturbing event.

Dangers of Hoarding

Risks caused by dangers of hoarding, exposed
Hoarding can put individuals and their family members at serious risk of heath problems, injury, removal of at-risk children or older adults from the home, homelessness or in the worst case, even death. Watch This Video of Dangers of Hoarding!