Biohazard Mattress Disposal. What You Need To Know

Biohazard Mattress Disposal

The mere stain of coffee or a drink on your mattress can be the most difficult thing to get rid of. It is more difficult to clean up blood stains, body fluids or fecal matter on the mattress that may be a result of a crime or disease. By design, mattresses are the hardest things to clean up. This is why it is important to have a biohazard clean up company on call that will help you out in such a situation.
Proper Biohazard Mattress Disposal
Biohazard Mattress DisposalMattresses that have been in contact with body fluids cannot be easily dismissed as regular waste. This is because the mattress may contain biohazard material that may be harmful to humans. Being in contact with fluids that were contaminated can cause diseases to the person who comes into contact with it. If the mattress stays unattended for a long time, it may have airborne diseases drawn from the toxins that the mattress has. This is why it is not advisable to air out the mattress for purposes of drying it out.

In most cases, these situations occur amidst trauma. It would be difficult for the affected individuals to give out the mattress as normal garbage to the garbage collectors. If the workers get into contact with the biohazard, their health may be at risk. If you decide to hide or keep the mattress in your house it is likely to have a pungent smell coupled with bugs and other insects. These bugs may not only be on the mattress but also on other parts of the bed that came into contact with the fluids. This poses a huge risk to your health and those living in your house and around it.
Don’t Just Put It On The Curb
To safely dispose such a mattress, you do not have to go through the process of cleaning it up alone. Companies like Clean Keepers have a team of professional cleaners trained to handle biohazard mattress disposal. The team will not only dispose the mattress but also disinfect the areas that were in contact with it. The cleaners will cut off the contaminated part of the mattress and put it in a biohazard disposable bag. This will then be sent to a place that disposes of biohazard material which in most cases is by incineration. The remaining part of the mattress can then be disposed of as regular waste. The cleaners will also use certified disinfectants to clean up the room and ensure you live in a safe environment.

You can also contact clean keepers to clean up a spill of biohazard chemicals. Trying to clean the surface yourself can expose you to infections that will be harmful to your health. Let the professionals handle it.

Clean Keepers also provide cleaning services for the filth that accumulates after hoarding items. If you decide to get rid of the junk in the basement or garage, they can come in to help. You can also call them up to clean up a crime scene or professionally disinfect your house.